How to register eZ2BID
  • Register As Member (here)
  • Select Your Attacted Property
  • Fill Up Your Details and Attach The I.C
  • Attach the Payment Slip
  • Read the Term & Condition together with P.O.S
  • Click the "Thick" button if you agreed with the Term & Condition
  • Wait the Confirmation
  • After Confirmation you can get Bidding Code and link for bidding
  • Make sure your device and internet connection in good condition
  • You will get the reminder bidding code with link one hour before auction start
  • Start bidding
  • After click the link, "STANDBY" display will appear
  • Click the Place Bid button to Raise your Bid Amount
  • After counting down 3 calls "First Calling", "Second Calling" and "Final Call", the eZ2BID will announce Higher Bidder and the screen will show "SOLD
  • The screen will show the result either e-Bidder Win or Loose

eZ2Bid Terms & Condition

Please read this Terms & Condition before proceed with our eZ2Bid

Basic Device Requirements

Make sure your device have strong internet connection

Don't Refreh Browser
To ensure the smooth during online bidding, please Don't Refresh your browser.
Please use below browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Volume Up
Volume up your volume to ensure you hear the voices. Click this to test the voice
Test our eZ2Bid Demo
eZ2Bid Demo
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